Friday, December 27, 2013

Project Life

I can finally post this!  So for Christmas, I go a little all out.  I just love buying friends, family, and of course David special gifts I know they will love.  One thing that is a must though, is to make something special for my man.  I love buying him stuff he mentions here or there and thinks I'll forget. But my rule-to-self is that not everything can be store-bought.  I just have to do something that I put my time and love into.  So for our first Christmas together, I thought I would make him a photo album of the 8 months we have spent together.  Sappy, I know. I went with a project life album.  You may have heard of it, but if not it is basically a hybrid between a scrapbook and a photo album.  I got my inspiration from A Beautiful Mess and let me tell you that girl can create some good stuff.  I finally decided to order some kits off of etsy for the decorative filler cards and went with the Midnight & Sunshine Editions.

Here are a few snaps of the album.  I'm pretty proud if I do say so myself.

xo, Kelsey Belle



  1. It looks awesome, Kelsey! Can't wait to make one :)

    <3 Kendall

  2. I have everything for Project Life, but keep forgetting to get it out. I love your pages and am now inspired to start it for the New Year!

  3. Ooh LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

    My boyfriend put together an album for Christmas. it is the BEST gift ever

  4. I've seen these before! They are so cool! What a great gift!


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