Sunday, February 17, 2013

Adventures in Auburn

I had THE most special weekend with some spectacular friends.  My heart just felt so much joy, and oh-so-full.  I have never been to Auburn, Alabama and when my friend Kelsey mentioned going down there for a grad school interview- I hopped right on board.

You see, Auburn is home to some very treasured people to me.  One of my old young life girls Kelsie, now one of my dearest friends, is in her freshman year of college there studying marine biology. AT LONG LAST, I got to go see her in her element.

Along with Kelsie,  Auburn is also home to two gals I spent a month with at Summer Camp last year.  Happy & Anna are two BEAUTIFUL ladies that opened up their home to me and Kelsey (yes there were three of of Kelseys-note the spelling difference).  Happy, Anna, and I have shared countless nights of laughter, joy, and great pillow-talk conversations.  We had a blast serving alongside each other and even though we live five hours apart and hadn't seen each other since July, we picked up like we saw each other just last week.  I have a feeling we will be doing this for many years to come.

I had some guest appearances from other dear friends Logan & Drue.  I didn't know I would get to see these gems, but I did and it made for an even more delightful day- as if that's possible!

The day was mostly spent eating & drinking coffee & simply being together.  I snapped some photos of our explorations through Auburn.  We stopped by campus, stopped for lunch at Big Blue Bagel, and then continued our conversation at Overall Company where Kelsie, Happy, & I enjoyed coffee and popsicles.  Well I was the only one who enjoyed BOTH. I just couldn't decided so yeah, you know me.

Isn't Overall Company the cutest?  It was such a big space and wish we had a coffee shop like this in my town.  I would be there ALL THE TIME.  We followed our coffee date with a little thrifting & antique explorations. And of course I got a ton of ideas for stuff I could make myself.

Do you do that? Look at something, take a picture, and say, "I can totally make that!"  Well, I'm just letting you in on something....actually following through on that statement only happens about 25 percent of the time for me-if that.  But hey it's a good thought in passing AND it keeps me from spending money on everything in site in the moment.  We ended the day with picking up Kelsey from her interview and thankfully she got to join us for dinner.

What a great weekend. I think about the friendships I have with these girls and am filled with an overwhelming sense of thankfulness.  They are simply great and each one has wonderful facets about them that highlight characteristics of our Creator.  They shine and radiate the love of Christ and I really would be at a loss without them in my life.

Thank you Jesus for time well spent with those I love.

By the way, Happy & Anna are roommates and have the absolute cutest home that I will be sharing on here later this week.  Also, Anna has a blog called Seventeen Days Apart.  She shares it with her cousin and its super cute and I have a feeling you might be able to see more of her art showcased there sooner or later.  If you noticed that Ballerina painting in the second photo it didn't take you long to realize she's a rockstar artist.

Anyways, Hope you have had a restful weekend.

xo, Kelsey Belle



  1. Your blog is chic, honest and down to Earth. I love that you are fun and not afraid to pronounce your faith! I admire that in a lady.

    i am so glad you stopped by my blog because now i know about yours! you can guarantee I will be back :) I hope we stay in touch sweetie! :)

    1. Rachel, thank you so much! Your words are kind and encouraging! Loved your blog and I will be sure that we keep in touch!

  2. lovely blogger would u like to follow each other on Gfc,Fb or Twitter?

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  3. your blog is lovely...all the photos are pretty, the muffins in the post above look amazing and you seem like such a happy person!


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