Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Life Lately

I have been enjoying wedding planning so, so much!  It is quite fun, and not too stressful.   That is, if you can make decisions and remember its about the marriage, not just a big day!  I am so excited to get to share this with David and for him to participate in all the fun details.  I try to make it pretty stress free for him and narrow it down to some choices and then present him with a few good options.  We decide together and BOOM, the magic happens.

Compromise is a good thing too.  Our latest compromise was that he got to do the scanning while registering for gifts and I pretty much got to pick whatever I wanted....good compromise, right?

If you are in the season of wedding planning, here are a few links I have found to be helpful:::

[i fully believe in understanding each other 
and how you can best love each other]

Communication Tools:
Which one are you?
I am primarily 
quality time, physical, touch & words of affirmation.
But I like them all.
Trust me on this one....this will help you understand your partner
and love them the way THEY feel loved.

Planning Checklist:
Who needs a book when you have 

Budgeting Tools:
Budget Spreadsheet
This thing is stellar.
I found it on a wedding website
and it has been SO helpful.
I sadly, cannot remember where it is from
so if you recognize it please let me know.

Save On Crafts -my most recent discovery
full of any decor idea you can think of.
I found some super cute milk bottles &
honey jars here.

If you look on A Beautiful Mess
and search wedding, you will
drool over both sisters weddings
and rockin' DIY ideas.

Kelsey Belle



  1. I'm glad that it is going well - and isn't stressful! Lucky you :)

  2. Ooo, these are great resources for sure-I think the five love languages book is so important for everyone to read-even if you aren't in a relationship. It can help you with friends/family as well!
    Glad you're enjoying planning! Some women freak out about it and make it into something not fun, but I can see by your beautiful smile that you're making it into something great :)

  3. Beautiful blog. Just found it and now following <3


  4. wonderful pictures! i really like your blog :)

  5. You are so cute! I love your flower crown(: I'm nowhere near wedding planning but these are pretty good ideas!


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