Sunday, July 28, 2013

Really this time.

Okay really this time, I am back to blogging regularly after quite an extensive hiatus.  Somewhere between working full time and being a terrible manager of my time once off work, meaning cram as many people into hanging out between 4:30 and midnight every. single. day came between me and some of the other things that I love to reading, writing, and personal growth type things.

But then I up and quit the job and found a lovely one babysitting and here. we. go.

I am tremendously excited for what this next season has in store.  I have a week off to rest, [rest, whats that?!] and to spend time with people I love.  And a week from today I begin my job as a nanny for the next five months.  I have missed having kids around me and really look forward to the time I will get to spend with this sweet, little, smiling girl.  I am also looking forward to the quiet moments when she is napping and I can pick up a book or write or just be still.  The family I will be nannying for advertised that they would like someone to become like family and I can't wait for the friendship that entails!

What happens after that five months might you ask? Oh wellllll I will just be heading off to Australia for a year.  But more about that to come =].

Cheers to a new chapter of life and a restart to writing.

xo, Kelsey Belle


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