Tuesday, June 18, 2013


When I was young, I had the most vivid dreams. One that I recall often is a dream I must have had repeatedly. It almost seems like it was real. In fact, if it weren’t impossible for this day and age, I would probably remember it as a memory, but it includes dinosaurs, so that’s where I figured it had to be a dream. 

My memory goes as this: just dad and I, him walking down our old neighborhood street with me on his shoulders. In my dream it’s as if we do it everyday and we are just having daddy/daughter time, you know. Well the only thing out of sorts, but super awesome, is the Brontosaurus in the distance. Actually there’s not just one Brontosaurus; they are everywhere! I see them over the tops of houses, with very big long necks stretching like a real life Land Before Time. That’s it, no big deal! It’s as simple as that, but one of the fondest dreams I have from my childhood and it seems as if I must have dreamed it every day. 

What a sweet memory, but you know, at the end of the day it’s just a dream. Sometimes I wonder, why can’t we live in our dreams? Or better yet, why don’t we live as dreamers more often? 

Dream: what does this look like apart from sleeping? What does this look like for you as you make plans for life? Plans never go as planned but do you have dreams and hopes? You should. Everyone should, it brings such joy to the table. Geez, I would be quite aimless without dreams... simply living a day-to-day existence, which is the last thing I want. 

I feel like a huge role in the friendships I have is to stir up dreams inside others. I want people to believe that they can achieve goals and not set out to have a job after college and that’s just it-forever. Dreams look different for everyone, which is only natural because there are so many types of personalities and lifestyles on this crazy planet. 

I have one super cool friend who is stylish in a way that you would never guess she climbed mountains in her free time. I bet plenty of people have told her she couldn’t do that, but why not encourage those things in her instead? By everything logic tells us we will never have enough money, time, or support to do such things. But why not try? If we fail, well… at least we tried which is more than a lot of people can say.

Atleast we tried.

Why don't you just try it.  Do the thing that people think you can't.  Because I believe you can.

xo, Kelsey Belle



  1. Aww that's sweet :) and most of the time, if you're determined, you don't fail!

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