Wednesday, April 17, 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Okay I found a simple beauty miracle that I just have to share.  By no means am I beauty blogger, trust me...I won't be sharing any beauty tutorials anytime soon.  That would just be a disaster, BUT I tried this at-home remedy and it was just so helpful for me so I wanted to share it with YOU.

For as long as I can remember I have dealt with little red bumps on my arms and even sometimes legs.  I am a super fidgety person, and as a result have picked at these little bumps on my arms as long as I can remember.  Sigh, this leads to embarrassment and the trial and error of various products to fix this tragic problem.

Well I finally got the bright idea to do a little research of at-home remedies and came up with the glorious idea of using lemon juice.  It acts as an antibacterial product and was stated to see visibly cleared up skin in a few weeks.  I thought it was worth a try thinking I would be moving on to the next trial and error method soon enough.  To my very pleasant surprise I found that my arms looked SO much better by the next day. Seriously it was like a miracle.  I finally felt comfortable wearing a tank top as we move into this spring weather and was just HAPPY.  I have continued to use it for about a week now and its just awesome.  It is so much cheaper than something you can buy at the store and usually something you just have in your kitchen!

Hope this is helpful for you, it sure was for me!

Happie Wednesday!

xo, Kelsey Belle



  1. Oh, I'm going to give it a try! Did you use pure lemon juice or did you dilute it in water? Thanks for the tip! =)

  2. I have heard this before. I am glad it worked for you. I am curious to see if that would work on breakouts? I think I will try it lol..

    Sincerely Miss Ash

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