Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fear: Blah, Blah, Blah

What are you afraid of?

Me...ah yes...I'm terrified of heights. I mean terrified.

And you know what the only way for me to get over it? Conquer it.

One thing I know is that love drives out fear.  God is the author of love and the enemy is the author of fear.  So love MUST be victorious over fear, right? If so, then what better way to conquer fear than to face it with those I love.  Is anyone with me here?!

So yes heights.  There are these things called ropes courses at camps where I regularly lead these high school girls whom I dearly dearly love. Every fall and summer rolls around and brings with it these delightful camp experiences highlighted by that one time of the week when, sigh, the ropes course is beckoning me.  Oh yes, you betcha', I'm quaking in my boots at this point.

"But keep it together, Kelsey.." I tell myself-because even worse than being that girl is being that leader. Hah, but seriously. So yes, there comes a time about twice a year where its time to put my big girl pants on.  I hate to admit it but there have been times where I have totally failed at this.  I have said, "You girls go ahead, I'll take the pictures!" (safely from the ground... i mean we all need pictures, right?) But on some of those brighter occasions, I have managed to get myself in that harness and attached with a small caribeaner to a wire strung 100 feet in the air and act like a champion. And it's always these times when I feel alive.  You know that fullness that only comes when you conquer something hard. And believe me this is hard for me.

But if I never face my fear, am I really living?


Here are a few pictures from my ropes course experiences....they might highlight that alive feeling I'm talking about.  And I'm telling you, I never would have thought I could conquer this until I just gave it a shot.

xo, Kelsey Belle


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