Monday, January 28, 2013

Tribute to my Grandmothers

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my grandmothers, and similar characteristics I share with each of them. To start, I have to let you know I have not just two, but three grandmothers.

Long story short, I have three grandmothers because my mom’s mom, Gran Doris passed away before I was born. Shortly before I arrived, my grandfather married my Grannie Linda. She has been the grandmother I have always known and treats me just the same, as if I am part of her own family line. That leaves Nanny. Nanny is my dad’s mom and her name is Molly-she rocks.

Let’s start with Gran Doris. From what I know, she was super kind and fun to be around. My mom has told me lots about her, but one thing I didn’t know is that she did craft fairs- just like me. I think that is so neat. Apparently she had a booth at a HUGE craft fair in Nashville called Christmas Village and also a booth here in town each year. Maybe I’ll get on her level and try to get a booth at Christmas village one of these days. Apparently she enjoyed coffee dates too, which is how I spend a large amount of my time. Below is a photo of my mom, Gran Doris and my mom's grandmother.

Gran doris

Grannie is my mom’s stepmom and the sweetest, most hospitable grandmother I could ask for. While she is a second mom to my mom, she is the only grandmother I have ever known on this side, so she is full-blown Grannie to me. We spend every holiday at her and my grandfather’s house and I can’t imagine any major event in my life without her there. She is an avid reader [just like myself] and leader of her church small group. She loves cooking and I just see so much of myself in her. Might I add to you, holidays at her house involve them cooking- and only them. They like to serve and we are NOT allowed to help. I only hope to be as active, happy, and healthy as she is when I reach her age, because she already has me beat in the amount of things she does in a day!


Nanny is super cool as well. She is my dad’s mom. I LOVE my sweet Nanny and will forever treasure the weekly afternoon visits spent with her my freshman year of college. I am forever thankful for these moments, because this is right before Alsheimers hit, so I have many clear moments with her. Let me tell you, she was a world traveler-quite the adventurer. One of my favorite pictures I have of her is the one pictured below of her with my grandfather waving from the plane. I think she was actually in Thailand when I was born.  She’s a cool lady to say the least. Hopefully I’ll get around to all the countries she has been to and make her proud.

Just a little bit of my life I thought I would share with you.  This was a fun post to write because it encouraged me to think about all the characteristics that I love about each grandmother.  They are the coolest.

xo, Kelsey Belle


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  1. Wow! You learn something new every day! It seems you possess the best qualities from each of them as if a piece of their heart were given to you to carry on and be that interesting, super-diverse granny belle to your sweet family. I love it! :) i have finally caught up- i have read a few posts here and there but recently I have made it a mission to read every one and I have to say each one makes me look more forward to the next post. .or shall I say adventure!


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