Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Valentine's Gifts for Him

valentines gifts for him
Does anyone have a hard time thinking of the perfect gifts for their man?  Well, I never have that problem shopping for clothes for him, but actual fun gifts that I think he will be super excited about...yes! Clothes are exciting for a guy, not as fun as gadget or thoughtful gift ya know. So I compiled this list in hopes that it may help some other ladies out there.

1. Go Pro... this is a bit of a splurge but it is perfect to document any adventure.  It is a camera that has all kinds of accessories, can be worn with a head strap, and it can go underwater.  Really, it can do all sorts of things!  I think any guy (or girl-cough, cough- me) would adore this gift.

2. This Mini Jambox is for your lover of music, [and lover of good sound quality].  Seriously this thing rocks.  Its my only other item on the list that is a splurge, coming in at $150 BUT the sound quality is great, the volume is loud, and it is quite small, so easily portable.  Plus, it comes in lots of fun colors!

3. This is one of the best books I have ever read.  It is light-hearted, funny, and fully of one adventure after another.  You come out of it feeling encouraged, inspired, and ready to conquer the world.

4. This Harry's shaving kit was highly recommended as a Christmas gift.  It is high quality shaving products that are literally half the price of the best razors at the supermarket.  They are easily replenishable & ladies, i think this would be a great present-to-self as well!  I mean what girl isn't willing to admit that guys' razors are way better than girls anyways!

5. This camera lens coffee mug has been quite a sensation for sometime and who wouldn't want one of these awesome things to sip their morning cup o' jo from. I found the best price here.

6. I pinned this mix tape quite a while ago.  I rarely make mix CDs now with the ease of spotify at my fingertips but I think this is really quite cute and they can pop the USB it comes with right into their computer.

7. Have you heard of the Coin?  It is a new creation that seems to be quite a sensation.  In case you haven't, skip on over to the Coin website & watch the video.  It is so neat!  Basically, this enables a person to put all of their debit & credit cards onto one.  How awesome?!  It releases in March but I know if you pre-order now, or say by Valentines Day, you get a discount! Woohoo.

Hope these suggestions were helpful for you!  And if you are single, shoot don't hesitate to buy one of these things for yourself!

P.S. David, if you are reading this, I strategically didn't put anything I got you on here. Hehe.

xo, Kelsey Belle


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  1. This is a great list you've put together. I got my guy friend that lens mug for Christmas and he loved it! You also reminded me that I want to sign up for Coin.
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