Monday, November 18, 2013

When We Were Young

I stumbled across these photos by Tom Hussey's Reflections Collection.  According to an interview with PetaPixel the idea first struck when Hussey was talking to a WWII veteran named Gardner. On the cusp of his 80th birthday, Gardner opined that he still felt like a young man.  That conversation lead to  the inspiration behind this series.  How neat is this?! These are actual photos of these people when they were young.  I love looking at pictures of my grandparents and seeing who they were when they were my age and hearing their stories.  I think these photos capture the stories of these folks beautifully.

All images found via Tom Hussey's Reflections Collection.

xo, Kelsey Belle



  1. These photographs are amazing, they really do tell the story of each of them nicely!

  2. Wow..this is so cool! Thank you for sharing this, and thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I'm following your blog now, I and look forward to seeing more interesting posts from you :-)


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