Friday, November 15, 2013

Thoughts on noise.

Last week was been a good one. I have had some important decisions to make lately and wanted my head to be super clear to hear from the Lord on this one.  So I decided to make some space, and that is why I cut out television for the week.

I'm not saying television is bad, but for me it is mindless entertainment, not to mention it completely zaps my creativity.  Its as if it adds this buzzing clutter to my brain.  And then when I sit down to think, its not that I am still thinking about television, it just takes so much longer for my mind to adjust to the silence and stillness.  How the heck did I get to this point!?  Maybe the endless list of shows that have made it onto "my favorites" this fall.

Dramatic, maybe.  But this isn't me.  I am someone who loves the quiet.  Not for hours on end but for a safe haven each day to rest in the arms of God.

For me, this was such a needed breather.  I feel alive and when I sit down I can actually rest.  There have been moments in my day where I have felt a little bored, but its worth it.  I think for now I am going to limit my television watching to the company of friends and maybe one or two days a week.  And I'm not getting all legalistic on this either, if I cave I cave..its not a life or death issue, just something that makes sense for me right now.

How do you quiet the noise in your life?

xo, Kelsey Belle



  1. I think this is a great idea. I know that I watch way too much tv...and it can end up feeling like an obligation!

  2. I actually RARELY watch TV- not even Netflix!! However...I spend that time on the internet haha.

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