Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Being Kind

So often, we only seem to be able to carry a conversation on with someone just like us.  We all aspire to be well rounded enough to talk to anyone right, but how often do we actually build relationships with someone who dresses differently, looks differently, or believes differently than us.

No surprise, but the media doesn't really ever highlight theses type of things either.  For some reason or another, it most often showcases the hatred in the world.  But I believe kindness is there.  One thing that makes me sad is all the cases of extremism we see.

I am Christian, but would be more adequately described as a Christ-follower....someone who actually does my best to be in relationship with God and follow Christ daily.  But one thing I do know is that I want to show love to all types of people.  Not simply people who are just like me.

Now I know that anyone reading this is no stranger to the fact that there are some pretty horrific extremist Christians who bring a really negative light to the faith.  The same could be said about Muslims, etc, etc.  But what I want to focus on is a sweet story I stumbled that highlights the positive.

You can read the full story on here.  Did you know that 200-300 Muslims formed a human chain in Pakistan last week to protect the Christians who were having a service inside the church.  How often do you hear those stories?  They held a sign that said, "One Nation, One Blood" to emphasize the fact that they weren't going to massacre their own people just because they believed differently. I was so touched by this act of love.

Every human has a choice to treat other people with decency and respect whether they are alike or very different.  So much more can be accomplished in this world if we choose to approach others out of a loving, understanding attitude.

Any thoughts?

xo, Kelsey Belle


  1. Many thoughts. There will always be a need for myself to be a better Christian, and it's an active daily recognition for my need to improve that I find myself being more Christ centered. Just last night I thought to myself, "would I really lay down my life for my fellow man? Not just any fellow man, but a stranger?" I honestly don't know, but those 200-300 Muslims sure prove that I have a long way to go.

  2. I agree completely, what a difference it would make if all of us made a conscious effort to show kindness throughout our day. This reminds me when a group in Syria made a banner expressing their condolences to Boston after the marathon bombing. Here these people are in the midst of terror and they take the time to reach out to my proud city. It blew me away. Thank you for stopping by my blog xo

  3. This is a great post. Being kind is so important. Everyone is a person and deserves kindness no matter what they look like or what they belive in

  4. Great post :)


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