Monday, May 20, 2013

One Day...

In lieu of my latest skateboarding fad, here is a little video to inspire you.  Seriously these ladies are cool and this video rocks.  I will be a great skateboarder.  Okay I'll settle with good.

xo, Kelsey Belle 

Did I mention I made it down a hill the other day?!  Yeah, I'm cool.
[that is to say a hill with about a 1% incline...but, still)



  1. great vid :) <3 <3

  2. Haha :)
    my brother started teaching me how to skate... He's 8 years old and SO MUCH BETTER at it than me... I can barely move three inches! But I've made progress! Now I can stand on it without falling, at least! ;) He's like: "NO! You push the skate THEN you turn your foot!"
    Yes. One day, we'll be GREAT skateboarders.

  3. świetny blog :) zapraszam do mnie + obserwuję :)


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