Monday, May 13, 2013


One thing I family loves each other tremendously.  Sometimes we get together and we end up talking over each other...but we're talking.  There is a lot to say.  A lot of stories to share. A lot of celebration to be had in spending time together. A lot of love to go around.  I am lucky enough to have most of my family within a 45 min drive and because of that we are a tight-knit circle.  Nothing comes between us and my cousins are like my siblings.

It is so much fun to get together as a family and share stories over a good dinner tucked away in an outdoor Nashville eatery.  Stories like that time my cousin Brennon went skydiving in a Speedo.  Or like those times growing up that Taylor and Brennon thought I needed to know how it felt to have siblings so they teamed up on me and picked on me all the time.  Or stories about how I loved to sing random songs at the top of my lungs in public such as walking into the grocery store yelling, "FIGARO FIGARO FIGARO!"

Oh man, we made some memories the three of us did. I love them so much and know we have many adventures ahead of us.  Grand adventures.

Today I am just feeling thankful.  Thankful for grandparents who have walked so closely beside me all of the days of my life.  Thankful for an aunt and uncle who love me like their own, who have been  such an amazing picture of how to do life as a family who passionately loves the Lord and have fun doing it.  Cousins who are kindrid spirits, who inspire me and push me to be a better person, who are such a joy to be around.  And a mom who is the most generous person I have ever met, who is inspiring, hard-working, and teaches me to relax a little and take life in.

I am feeling thankful today.

xo, Kelsey Belle


  1. Yes, you are blessed! Not everyone is as lucky! I've learned recently that blood isn't always thicker than water... Sad lesson to learn... Always be grateful for the positive people in your life! xo

  2. I think it's amazing that you are feeling so happy and grateful for your wonderful family!

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