Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

I think a spirit of thankfulness deeply affects one's life.  It makes for a happy day and keeps a joyful mentality.  Also, I promise you it is the perfect remedy for those grumpy days.  Oh you know the ones I'm talking about, that mood you just can't shake. Seriously, try and think of a few things and I assure you that mood will change and the probability that a smile will crack across your face is very, very high.

Well, whether you choose to be thankful or are a few things I am thankful for:::

A new job that I am really enjoying.  I am humbled to get a job in a social work and to be able to learn and grow in something I am passionate about.

Provision. It's happening all around me and I am caught in a whirlwind of breakthrough... new job, restored dreams, the ability to chase those dreams because of aforementioned provision, etc.

a 10 o'clock self-prescribed dad was onto something all these years...working full time leaves a gal tired

coffee, coffee, coffee

dance parties like this ::: oh yes, Murfreesboro Young Life at CMS jumped on board the Harlem Shake [sorry not sorry]

did I say coffee?

the urge to read a new book... next on my hit list: Seven by Jen Hatmaker

a new space to decorate- my office!

the fact that my grandparents live a few miles away from me and I can see them any time I want! They're so cute and boy do they still have it going on or what!

A spur of the moment invitation to see Peter Pan front row at Tennessee Performing Arts Center... Oh yes, I left with fairy dust on me from the original Peter Pan flying over the audience (played by gold medalist Cathy Rigby)

I am oh feeling oh so thankful at the moment. Oh happy day!

xo, Kelsey Belle



  1. I can definitely relate to being thankful for coffee and a good book! That's awesome that you have a job in social work, i'm currently pursuing a career in human services, a passion of mine!


  2. I think it's wonderful that you're taking the time to be thankful for all of the big and little things in your life. <3

  3. good for you, being thankful always reminds us of the good things and attracts more of those good things x

  4. I loved reading your list on what makes you happy when you've had a bad day. I want to get more sleep too, I can always tell it makes a difference!

    Ashley @

  5. I could not agree more—gratitude is simply one of the greatest gifts!

  6. What a great post! It so true how gratitude can enrich out lives. Im so happy to hear about your new job. Im a big advocate of doing what makes you happy. Congrats! xo

  7. Hi, urm thanks for your comment but we've both been following eachother for quite a while - Lilie xx

  8. Oh yes, it's feels nice to remind oneself of the little things, especially when everything seems so bad :) love this post!


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