Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hey-o let's dance!

Do you like to dance? I do.  Remember in high school when you were so self-conscious dancing in front of people with the constant thought of "do i look okay?" plaguing you.  Maybe you didn't feel this way but I sure did.

The memo didn't get to me that it is TOTALLY acceptable for you to look as silly as possible on the dance floor until I hit college.  I am oh so thankful for that, due to my lack of rhythm.   Nowadays, I definitely am not claiming to have any mind-blowing moves, but I will say dancing is something I thoroughly enjoy.  I also love a good photo booth, which I don't mind monopolizing when given the opportunity =].

Below are a few pictures from the last few Good Clean Fun events in Nashville, TN.  If you live near Nashville and are looking for a great night of dancing and fun...this is your place.  It is a great way to come be yourself, let loose on the dance floor, in a non-drinking environment.  It usually hops venues so check out the facebook page for information.

By the way, they are usually themed which always makes for some good fun.


Feliz NaviDANCE

 Black & White Ball Drop

A bit of a long post...but I still wanted to share.
xo, Kelsey Belle


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  1. that is one cute post. one of the best way to live life is to be with friends! this is such a wonderful post. miss hanging out with my friends in this kind of partying. :)



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