Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dad, oh dad

Feel like laughing? Keep reading.  

Christmas eve was spent with my dad and his girlfriend Susie and we just had the most fun together.  I think Christmas gets more and more special each year because it becomes less about the gifts and more about spending time with those you love.  Anyhow, the laughter part...

If you know my dad at know he is full of it.   I mean that in a completely silly way- and he is mostly joking when he says the crazy stuff he says (yet with an unmistakable tinge of seriousness). You might catch my drift if you keep reading and take a glimpse at some of the quotes I wrote down from the night.  Oh yes, they were just too funny to keep to myself so I started writing down all of his and Susie's silly remarks.

Here we go::

Dad: God put me on this Earth to make women happy.
Susie:(in reply) Whatchu talkin' bout Willis?!

Dad: I'm going to be dead before I have grandchildren!

Dad: (In reference to the movie) At least he's got a son-in-law ill probably never get one of those with how picky you are!
Me: So you're ready for me to bring someone home?
Dad:Well I don't wanna deal with him I just want you to be happy! Don't bring him over here for ME to entertain!

Dad: Man if I could just find Animal House tonight it would be a perfect night! As he proceeds to quote "Did the Americans quit when the Germans bombed Pearle Harbor!"

Susie: Honey do you think she's as knockout gorgeous as everyone says she is?
Dad: Well not nearly as pretty as you.
Susie: You're a smart smart man.

Oh and did I mention that he has always teased me for stealing his change.  Yes sometimes I still grab some for a coffee or whatnot, even post-college.  Well this year he decided to be pretty witty and saved change in different places all year and gave me this HUGE container of change for Christmas.  The man with the jokes...well it worked out well for me I suppose- I'm just a girl with A LOT of change!

I hope you had the most spectacular Christmas.  It is such a joy to spend time with family and friends and take a few days off work to slow down.  I am blessed.  Pictures to come. Merry Christmas & looking forward to the New Year!

xo, Kelsey Belle


  1. Glad you enjoyed your Christmas eve! Reading this makes me miss my dad even more!

    have an awesome last week of the year!


  2. aww thansk ellie! Happy New year to you!


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